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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I am many things and wear many hats as do most people in today's world.  

First and foremost, I am a wife, and mother of two wonderful little boys who teach and remind me every day how I need to grow and change.  They are my greatest guideposts, my greatest motivators, and my greatest critics.  They need not even open their mouths to say a word, but through their behavior, I know whether I am following the right path or not.  They are a true mirror to my own behavior and habits.  My family is my everything, and everything I do is with them in mind.  

Second, I am a teacher.  Teaching has been a journey that has given me the opportunity to delve deep within myself because just as my children teach and guide me, so have my students throughout the years.  They are the second piece of me that wakes me up early in the morning with a new idea or keeps me awake at night thinking of different ways to help connect with them or help them succeed.

Third, I am a dreamer and visionary.  I have always lived with my feet floating off the ground and my head in the clouds.  This has its pros and cons of course, but one could argue that if you never dream, then you never achieve.  Sometimes I have too many dreams and ideas that it is overwhelming and disillusioning because where does one start?  So I decided to start with my greatest vision yet, Edified Learning.

I am a true believer that everything that is placed in front of you in life, every choice and experience leads you to where you are meant to be.  At first, you fight it, and you may make the wrong choices, and things are hard, or difficult, but once you start making the right choices, choices that will make the path to where you are meant to be easier to attain, then things start to fall into place, experiences begin to present themselves to help you grow and you find your calling.  

My life has been a roller coaster of right and wrong moves, yet since my youth up until the present moment, I have realized that those experiences have given me the tools, the strength, and the experiences that I need in order to carry out my purpose.  Sometimes we don't realize that the storms must come in order to moisten the soil so that the seeds that have been so deeply buried can surface and grow, eventually blooming into something wonderful and beautiful.

Edified Learning is a culmination of my beliefs, my teaching philosophies, and my vision of how education should be, how education can reach deep into the souls of those who are being taught, and those doing the teaching to enrich the lives of both parties.  If you look at the relationship between a parent and their child it is one filled with love, and when they teach their child, they teach them out of love.  This is what should be at the foundation of our education system.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to teach from a place of love if as teachers we are too stressed and anxious and feel burned out.  Just like a parent though, we dig deep and still find it within ourselves to find a way to give, and give of ourselves so that our students can achieve. This is exhausting.  As for our students, they cannot take in that love if they are closed off by their own stressors and anxieties.  This is why I created Edified Learning.  To help teach educators how to manage these stressors in themselves and their students.  To help them create environments and lessons that ignite their students' and their own passions about the world around them, to help bring awareness of self, awareness of each other, and awareness of the world around us.  

You may notice that as of now, I am not fully connected through social media.  This is somewhat on purpose.  I want to be accessible, but I also do not want to contribute to staring at screens. I am not judging because I am fully guilty of screen addiction, but am working hard to limit my usage.  I hope that you are able to take what you need from this website, these blog posts, and from me, and apply it in your present moments, in your classes, in your houses, outside.  My goal is not to be cemented to my phone or screen in order to build my business or share my messages as I too have a lot of work to do by means of practicing what I preach and implementing the ideas of mindfulness into my own life and practices.  I am by no means an expert, and just because I share the messages of this beautiful lifestyle and way of being, does not imply that I am an expert.  I am just a woman who seeks to help others and share in contributing to the world in the only way that I know-how.

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