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Helping Leaders help their Team and Clients

Raising self-awareness, engaging with team members in a meaningful way while reducing stress levels.  

Working on facilitating and modeling instead of delegating and demanding.  

Creating relationships built upon active and empathetic listening to fully engage with one another.


Helping Leaders help themselves

Reducing leader stress to create an environment and community of calm.

Enables leaders to take control of their companies or organizations  by providing adequate support, training in mindfulness and mindfulness implementation, as well as stress management and mentoring.


Creating Mindful & Empathy-Driven Leaders

Guiding leaders to help build better connections with others while helping them support the high expectations which come with leading a team.

Cultivating facilitators who motivate their team resulting in high-level outcomes.

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Consulting Solutions

Edified learning is devoted to helping your business or organization succeed.  

Together we can discuss your needs to create a solution, seminar, professional development, or provide one-on-one or group coaching to help you succeed.