"Uplifting you, so you can Uplift others."

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Today's society struggles more and more with stress, anxiety, and lack of purpose.  All of this leads to unhappiness, lower productivity, less compassion, and shallow connections with others, which then contribute to the struggles listed above.  It is a vicious cycle.


Learning how to apply mindfulness and empathy within your business, organization or school will help solve these problems, for you and those whom you interact with.

Mindful and empathetic leaders facilitate and uplift, instead of delegate and discourage.  


Our coaching, consulting, and professional development will give you the ability to help yourself, your employees, and your business, organization, or school, foster strong relationships while cultivating a more motivating environment resulting in better outcomes from those you work with, those you work for, and those you educate.

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A quick look at what Edified Learning is all about:

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Karen Johnson is the founder of Edified Learning.  She has a passion for education and empowering others while helping them understand the importance of mindfulness and empathy.

She has a Masters Degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.

Her life experiences and career have been an inspirational force behind the creation of Edified Learning and are at the heart of its purpose.  


Karen's belief is that you must nurture the soul in order to stimulate the mind!

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